About me

About me

From childhood to freelancing

I always had a strong passion for all different kinds of media since I’ve been a child: From photography to film, from Photoshop to Graphic Design, from web development to UX & UI Design. During these years, I learnt a lot about these industry and about myself.
Besides that, I started confronting myself with the ecological and ethical challenges our "standard lifestyle" causes during my apprenticeship. I decided to no longer support businesses and business practices that are considered unethical or harmful to the environment, and I began to buy more fair fashion, second hand goods and vegan products.

Today I help & support ethical and sustainable businesses by offering them my services as freelance UX & UI Designer and my perspective as a customer for their products & services.

My childhood

I've been interested in all different kinds of media for as long as I can remember.
Today I think that this is mainly due to my grandfather, who worked at IBM until retirement & loves to share his passion for computers, cars and cameras with the rest of the family. His passion made me curious about technology and inspired me to try to understand the world from a young age.

I quickly developed a huge interest in photography, which my parents noticed right away. So they gave me my first, own digital camera when I was in 4th grade of elementary school.
Around the same time, my father taught me & my brother how to land planes in the Microsoft flight simulator or how to write text documents on the computer.

My path to media Design

In the first few years In secondary school, my passion for technology, photography & aesthetics grow even further, and I started to make more friends that I shared this passion with.
In 7th grade, these friendships led me to be a part of a small-budget movie production of my home town Quickborn. The movie is called “Der Schatz vom Elsensee” and tells a story about four teens that are camping at a lake in Quickborn and find a key to a hidden treasure.

In 9th grade I switched schools and got the chance to attend a graphic design & photo editing course at the new school. In this course I got to know Yannick Krohn – a classmate and good friend of mine, who used to build apps & websites in his free time. He noticed my passion & skills for graphic design and asked me to help him with a project. Working together on his project inspired me to push myself beyond what I already knew and to improve my graphic design skills.

This passion eventually drove me to my apprenticeship as a media designer digital and print at the Macromedia Academy in Hamburg.
It began in November 2014 and taught me a lot about how to design & code websites, how to use fonts & letters, how different poster layouts work, which copyright laws exist & how they have to be treated, which design principles are applicable to digital design, and a lot more.

My path to UX & UI Design

During an internship, that was a part of my apprenticeship, I got the chance to participate in a workshop about Design Thinking. This one workshop helped me to get a better understanding for different Design Principles, and taught me that Design is not just about aesthetics, but more the functionality of a platform and the goals of a user.
It made me understand how much of an impact Design has on the users as well as on businesses, and why the strategies from Apple, Dyson or Tesla are working so well.

It also made me curious to find out more about Design Thinking, Design Principles as well as User Experience (“UX”) and User Interface (“UI”) Design, which is why I started reading and learning more upon the topic. The pinnacle of this was the blogpost “How Bad UX Killed Jenny" from Jonathan Shariat, which talks about how UX & UI design of hospital software influences vital decisions.
Blogposts like these inspired me to keep learning and drove me towards books such as "The Design of Everyday Things", "Burn your Portfolio" or "Living with Complexity”, that helped me to better understand the fundamentals of Design, how the Design industry works and which impact the experience has on a user.

My path to freelancing

During my apprenticeship as a media designer, I realised how comfortable I am with organising projects and working on them on my own. I realised that taking responsibility for a task or a whole project fuels my motivation to do the best I can unlike anything else.

At the same time, Yannick, the good friend from secondary school, was about to finish his apprenticeship and gradually started to work more as a full-time freelancer while also working on his product "Goodlance". Hearing about his process and the work he does gave me good insights into his everyday life as a freelancer. I liked what he shared and, for some time, thought about starting freelancing myself. But at the same time I was told that only an employer could give me the security and the experience I would "need to succeed”.

So, after my apprenticeship as a media designer, I started searching & applying for a Junior UX & UI Design position. I searched for about a year and taught myself more about UX & UI Design during this time. I participated in a few side projects and executed my own free-time projects, completed the Daily UI challenge and tried to get as much feedback I can get on my work.
A year and dozens of declined applications later, I finally decided to "pull the trigger" and began freelancing in Spring 2020, as the consequences of the Coronavirus started to effect the job market.

My path to ethical and sustainable businesses

During the apprenticeship I began to become more aware of the ecological and ethical problems our current “standard lifestyle" causes. I knew I wanted to something against it, so I started to watch documentaries and to read studies about the fashion industry, the animal agriculture industry, our oceans and our ecosystem. I began to understand how businesses and business practices, that are considered unethical, are also the most harmful ones to our ecosystem. So I quickly decided that I no longer wanted to support these kind of businesses & business practices.

As a consequence, I started to shop fair fashion instead of fast fashion and began to decrease my consumption of animal products drastically. I began to buy more goods from second hand markets, or that are locally produced.
Today I’m an advocate for veganism & vegan products, for recycling & reusing, for eco-friendly transportation & sustainable business practices.

Business hours

Mon - Fri, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. CET