Ernst Luftig

IHK exam project

Ernst Luftig

Final exam project (IHK) • 2018

This short image film for the fictional company "Windparkwartung Ernst Luftig GmbH" was created as a part of my training exam in front of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (=Industrie- und Handleskammer Hamburg; "IHK"), for becoming a media designer digital & print in January 2018.
You can read more about the fictional company and my IHK exam project here.

The Task

Ernst Luftig, who took care of the maintenance of wind turbines from one manufacturer for years, starts his small & independent company "Windparkwartung Ernst Luftig GmbH".

For a successful start, the company is looking for a profile in the market. To address manufacturers & operators of wind turbines as well as new employees, the company has commissioned an image film that will be shown on trade fair events.

For the film, Ernst Luftig expressed the wish that the cut of the film should follow the rhythm of one of many provided songs. The film should be a repeatable loop without a visible start- and endpoint and the length of the film shouldn´t exceed 90 seconds.

Also, Ernst Luftig wants the following texts to be shown in the short film:

  • on tour on shore
  • Wind farm maintenance Ernst Luftig GmbH + Logo ["Windparkwartung Ernst Luftig GmbH"]
  • Checking the wind turbines on site ["Check der Windräder vor Ort"]
  • Nationwide support for your systems ["Bundesweite Betreuung Ihrer Anlagen "]
  • Maintenance and exchange of damaged parts ["Pflege und Austausch belasteter Teile"]
  • For a clean future full of energy ["Für eine saubere, energiereiche Zukunft"]

After the execution phase of two hours, the "customer" expects to see the exported image film as well as the documentation of the hard- & software used during the execution.

The Goal

Produce an informative image film for the "Windparkwartung Ernst Luftig GmbH", which follows the rhythm of one of the proposed songs & can be repeated in a seamless loop.

Supplement the provided images by my suggestions for the visuals and include all the required text contents in an appealing way.
Make the film appealing to its target groups – manufacturers and operators of wind turbines as well as potential employees.

Research & considerations

My preparations for the execution already began in December 2017, with the review of the provided materials and by listening to the delivered songs.

Due to the extensive music selection – roughly 12 songs – I picked two different tracks and chose to make the final decision in the edit, on the day of the exam – January 3rd 2018.
I also searched for websites that provide free, high-quality film content with Creative Commons licenses, so that I could save some time on the day of execution.

Since I knew beforehand that I´m going to edit the film on my laptop, I was able to fill out the documentation about the used hard- & software beforehand.


Due to my preparations, I was able to make massive progress right away, on the day of the project execution.

I began by looking for suitable content in the selected databases and imported them to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, along with the chosen songs.

Since the rules didn´t mention that the tempo of the songs should not be changed, I manipulated the speed of the selected songs to get a suitable rhythm for my edit. Then I chose a segment of 90 seconds from each song and began editing a rough cut for each of the two songs.

Next, I added the text overlays and some basic animations, before making my final decision about the two songs. Since I felt like it just fits the topic better and supports the visuals, I chose the song “Sun, Storm & Water”.

With this decision made, I worked more on the rough cut and created the final animations for the text overlays. In the last minutes, I started working on the seamless looping but didn´t get to finish it, since I already had to export it the clip.

I handed over the exported file, along with the website for Ernst Luftig, to the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce on January 4th, 2018.

The Valuation

Overall, my execution of the project was evaluated with 74 points by the IHK examiners.

In regards to the image film, the examiners praised my selection of the song, because they thought that the song matched the topic, the selected images and my edit very well. They also praised my choice for the additional photos as well as my implementation of the text overlays. They thought that the usage of the coloured gradient at the beginning and the end of the film was a nice touch and creates a great, consistent look with the proposed design solutions.

The examiners criticized the text overlay "Windparkwartung Ernst Luftig GmbH" right at the beginning of the film since the text is hard to read against the bright clouds in the background. They also criticized that I manipulated the tempo of the selected song as well as that the looping of the clip isn´t entirely "gapless".


During my execution of this task, I learnt to cut a 90-second image film to the rhythm of a song, to create & use suitable text overlays, to compliment delivered image contents with my own suggestions and to create a movie for a pre-defined target group and context.

I learnt how important it is to take a close look at the result of a project and to check if all required conditions are met. An important step that I took with every project I did during my internship at the clubhouse St. Pauli but that I neglected in this project.


I didn´t produce any of the music, photo & film content used in this image film myself. It was either delivered by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce or was sourced from image databases that distribute the material under the creative commons license.

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