New Year‘s greeting

Internship project

New Year‘s greeting

Internship project • 2015

This cultural spot to greet the new year 2016 was produced at the end of 2015, during my internship at the Klubhaus St. Pauli in Hamburg. The internship was part of my apprenticeship as a media designer digital and print.

The Task

To create a cultural spot for the media facade of the Klubhaus St. Pauli that celebrates the closure of 2015 and the beginning of a new year.

Since the clubhouse and its media facade were inaugurated in 2015, this was also the first big event in which the clubhouse and its facade could be a part of. So this spot opened the unique opportunity to show the capabilities of the media facade to thousands of Reeperbahn visitors and to make a positive contribution to their experience.

The Goal

With this spot, we wanted to integrate the media facade and the clubhouse into the New Year's eve of the guests, contribute to their experience and demonstrate the creative potential of the facade.

My personal goal was to challenge and expand my know-how in Adobe After Effects.

Research & considerations

The idea, to integrate the media facade into the New Year's Eve event of the Reeperbahn visitors, started at the end of October 2015, with the vague idea of "showing a surprise for visitors on the facade". For this, we were open to ideas and suggestions from the tenants of the clubhouse, who all suggested very different approaches.
Some tried to promote their club, some wanted to show "something sexy that relates to the Reeperbahn" and some suggestions didn't have any relation to the clubhouse nor the New Year Event.

To prevent further suggestions that didn't align with our goal for this spot, my superiors and I determined a target group, a topic and a maximum runtime for the film. We also decided that the film should start with a countdown one minute before midnight. With the beginning of the new year, something "related to the new year" should be displayed for a few minutes, in connection with a "kind message".

Another requirement was that I had to produce the spot alone because due to budget constraints, no other media designer could have been employed. This was very challenging for me since it already was mid-November – the busiest month since I started the internship.


Based on the agreed specifications, I started by working out some ideas and researched how I could create firework effects in Adobe After Effects. I figured out a way to execute these effects very efficiently and started using them to create a variety of concepts to show them to my superiors.
Together, we figured out which concepts and effects took the best advantage of the facade in the dark, and thus, presented the clubhouse in the "best light" possible.

Based on these decisions, I created the ten-minute film in mid-December that the visitors saw on New Year's Eve on the media facade. You can see the spot now, here on YouTube.


Although the servers rolled the spot back to it's beginning at midnight – and therefore the countdown – it still was a great success, according to my superiors.

The execution of the film was a technical, organizational and creative challenge, which I mastered by developing fast & efficient processes for creating concepts and asking for quick feedback.
To execute the concepts and to cope with all the different tasks in these months, I gave every responsibility a clear priority and invested overtime in the new year's eve-project.

During this project, I learnt a lot about project & time management in the run-up to Christman and taught myself how to create firework effects in Adobe After Effects repeatedly and very efficiently.


I didn't produce the film "Gold House", that I used in this spot, myself.
During my internship, my superiors took on the responsibility & administration of licensing the footage. They gave me general permission to use all the content that was produced either in or for the Klubhaus St. Pauli for cultural advertising and self-promotion.

If one of the persons, whose images were used in this spot, do not agree with this presentation, please contact me.

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