Klubhaus Venues

Internship project

Klubhaus Venues

Internship project • 2016

I created this thirty-second self-promotion about the venues around the Spielbudenplatz in Hamburg during my internship at the Klubhaus St. Pauli. This internship was a part of my apprenticeship.

The Task

To create a short commercial for the "Spielbudenplatz Betreiber GmbH" about the venues around the Spielbudenplatz and displaying the commercial on the 700 square meter media facade of the Klubhaus St. Pauli. The spot had to be created with minimal financial efforts.

The Goal

To give event organizers an overview of the full range of different venues at the Spielbudenplatz and drive up the demand for the advertised spaces.

Research & considerations

To keep the time and financial effort to a minimum, my superiors and I decided to use already existing footage about the venues. Therefore, the film footage comes from a library of image films about the Klubhaus St. Pauli. The interior photographs and the "Nordic Broadway" logo were provided by my superiors, with their permission to use it for this project. The texts were worded by me and approved by my superiors.


For a thematic adjustment, I edited the already existing movies and clips in Adobe Premiere & After Effects. To get another "eye-catcher" in the spot, I added the coloured tiles in the background.

The Result

Within the first weeks of regularly displaying the commercial, the "Spielbudenplatz Betreiber GmbH" already noticed an increased demand for their promoted locations. My superiors said that the spot fully achieved the goal to give an overview of the venues and to drive up the demand.


The execution of the task wasn't challenging. Still, it taught me how I can finish a project in a very time- & cost-saving way while achieving the goal for the project fast.


I didn't produce the photos & films used in this promotion myself.
During my internship, my superiors took on the responsibility & administration of licensing the footage. They gave me general permission to use all the content that was produced either in or for the Klubhaus St. Pauli for cultural advertising and self-promotion.

If one of the persons, whose images were used in this spot, do not agree with this presentation, please contact me.

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