App design • 2020

Open source hackathon project for offering users a precise initial assessment of the probability for a possible corona infection and recommending further help based on the result. More information will follow soon.

Spotify: from Search to Discover

UX & UI Design • 2020

Redesigning the current Search page of the Spotify app into a feature-rich Discover page & describing the process in English.

The app that Hive should design (picture of an iPhone mockup with the map from the current hive app)
Redesign: Hive

UX case study • 2019

Analyzing customer critics on the current Hive app & discovering possible solutions through UX design.

Ernst Luftig

Final exam project (IHK) • 2018

Website & concept for the fictional customer “Windparkwartung Ernst Luftig GmbH”.


Apprenticeship project • 2017

Web concept & responsive screen design for the fictional tourism centre "Bahia".


Internship project • 2016

Online presentation about the digital design toolkit Sketch.


Apprenticeship project • 2015

Online presentation about the dynamic style options with SASS.

Ernst Luftig

Final exam project (IHK) • 2018

Image film for the fictional customer “Windparkwartung Ernst Luftig GmbH”.

Klubhaus Venues

Internship project • 2016

Self-promotion for the venues at the Spielbudenplatz in Hamburg.

New Year‘s greeting

Internship project • 2015

Introducing the year 2016 with "facade fireworks" at the Klubhaus St. Pauli.

Trained media designer digital & print.
Self-taught UX & UI designer.

Solving user & business problems with design.