Internship project


Internship project • 2016

This online presentation about Sketch was created for a workshop during my internship at the SHAKEN not STIRRED Consulting GmbH, during my apprenticeship in the year 2016.

The Task

Prior to my internship at the SHAKEN not STIRRED Consulting GmbH, I educated myself about Sketch, since I wanted to learn a tool that enables me to design faster.
Because the agency wanted to integrate Sketch into their workflow, but most designers & developers didn't know how to work with it, I was asked to lead a workshop about the workflow with Sketch.
For this, I designed and developed this website.

The Goal

The goal for this workshop was, to give the design team of SHAKEN not STIRRED a first idea about Sketch.

Research & considerations

For the workshop, I wanted to design and build a website, so that I have a "red thread" that guides the colleagues & me through it and acts as a central place for all the links.

I began my research by looking for the key differences between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator – which were the main design tools back then at SHAKEN not STIRRED – and Sketch. This helped me to determine better how the USPs of Sketch could benefit the workflow of the designers and developers at the agency.

Furthermore, I looked for helpful websites & videos about Sketch that the colleagues could've visited after the workshop, to learn even more.

For the practical workshop-elements, I included three units about how to get started with Sketch, where the designers can find which tools within Sketch and how to work with files or export their designs.


After defining these contents of the workshop, I started creating the first screen designs for the website – which I created in Sketch, of course.
To find a look for the website, I started by designing the practical workshop sections.

For the information sections about Bohemian Coding, Sketch or the pricing of Sketch, I sorted and divided all the researched information by logical sections.
Towards the end of the design phase, I created a table of contents and the navigation for the site.

For the visual separation of the sections, I divided them by using quotes about Sketch from different sources, which provided some additional information about the benefits of Sketch.

With the screen design done and all the contents for the workshop gathered, I started coding the website. The challenge here was that I had just a few days left  & had to code the site alongside my regular, daily business.


The feedback about the workshop was consistently positive.

According to the designers, I gave them all the essential information for an easy start with Sketch and fully satisfied their request to share my knowledge about Sketch.
According to a superior, who attended the workshop as well, he really enjoyed it and was looking forward to learn more about Sketch while working with it.


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