I help ethical & sustainable businesses to grow (online).

I help ethical & sustainable businesses to grow (online).

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Hey there, my name is Christian Heins. I'm a freelance UX & UI Designer from Hamburg, Germany, specialised in supporting ethical & sustainable businesses.

Since 2016, I've been practising UX & UI Design non-stop by executing countless free-time projects, by participating in Hackathons and by redesigning popular apps to fix their users problems.
At the same time, I began to become more aware of the ecological and ethical issues that the behaviour of our society & politics causes. This was when I decided to no longer support businesses and business practices that are considered unethical or harmful to the environment.

Today, I offer what I've learned so far to ethical & sustainable businesses.
As a freelance designer, I help to design and build digital touchpoints that allows my clients to build strong relationships with their audience and to grow their business.

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Recent self-educational projects

Spotify: from Search to Discover


Spotify doesn't need an introduction.
Currently, it's the biggest and most successful music streaming service, providing a great listening experience as well as user experience to millions of customers worldwide, either via the web player, the desktop client or the mobile app.

In this project, I redesigned the current Search page of the Spotify app into a feature-rich Discover page to discover new possibilities how Spotify could personalize and improve their Search page.

Redesign: Hive


Since the Federal Council of Germany approved shared electric scooter services in June of 2019, providers for shared e-scooters have been flooding German metropolises during the summer & fall of 2019. Hive is one of them.

In this project, I'm analyzing customer critics of the mobile Hive app & discover possible design solutions for a better user experience.

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